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Let there be light, tubular natural light

There’s no substitute at all for natural light. It’s better for your health, the environment, and your electric bill. For rooms with an exterior wall, the solution is simple, add a window. But how can we get more light into all those areas where windows are not an option? Answer. A tubular skylight called SOLΛTUBE.


Installing a SOLΛTUBE skylight means natural bright daylight can be easily directed to virtually any area of the home. It’s so easy to light up those problem areas such as gloomy hallways, dark bathrooms and kitchens. Any dark place can be instantly transformed into beautiful, light and welcoming areas. Factor in the economical, environmental, and emotional benefits they offer, and it’s easy to see why tubular natural skylights have become a popular choice in today’s” make the most of all our space in the home” ideology.. And studies have shown that when people live and work in a well lit environment, they are happier, healthier and have more energy..

The SOLΛTUBE itself is a reflective tube that’s adjustable and flexible, fitting into almost any odd space in the attic and able to direct natural light into any interior spaces such as cupboards, bathrooms, cloakrooms, hallways in fact any space that needs light!

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