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Top 7 design trends for the year ahead

We have captured the finest key themes to develop in bathroom interiors this year.

Hello inspiration!

1. Freestanding Tubs 

Can you imagine yourself slipping into one of these at the end of a long day? Surveying all that is around you.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of space around you to swathe you in an air of luxury.

2. Spas and Inner Sanctuaries 

With more time spent at home this year, we all want an inner sanctum to retreat to…. Incorporating retreat spaces is a key trend. Especially with our recently changed lifestyles and perspectives this year! 

3. Biophillia

Incorporating the outdoors indoors! 

Think plants and foliage as an extension of the key flora and fauna trends of last year.

Stunning installations should fuse the heights of modernity with the rawness of nature, improving air quality and general wellbeing.

4. Smart Technology 

Home automation is here to stay. It’s practical, it saves time and can equally save precious resources.

From hidden pop-up televisions and sound systems, to personalised ambience and washing routines; adding to the feeling of luxury that we all crave in our bathrooms is easy to master with our selection of high-technology options.

5. Black Bathrooms

The classic statement look of black paired with white never goes out of fashion, however a desire for pure black sanitary ware and decor has seen a huge upsurge. 

High definition lighting means that even the smallest space can pull off this dramatic look. 

Can Our Design Specialists Help You?

6. Coloured and Glass Sanitary Ware

With minimalism brings effortless vibes to any bathroom space, you don’t have to stay pale and interesting – adding some zest has never been more appealing.

Our manufacturers are primed to complete your look – to your specifications.

We have a host of brightly coloured, uniquely designed taps, sinks, and more. What are you looking for?

Let us help you choose.

7. Natural materials and Marble

What makes marble so special and why is it featuring so heavily in designs this year? 

The natural elements bring warmth and an unrivaled appearance, however, marble in particular is totally unique and comes in a huge array of natural veining, finishes and markings.

No two pieces are the same – adding to it’s appeal! If you want something none of your peers can match….

Enjoy putting this inspiration into practice!

With very best wishes,

The Ocean Bathrooms Team.

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