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New spa and wellness site and designer Sarah joins

You may have noticed that we pride ourselves on having the very best talent to draw from for each and every bespoke project.

Whether it’s carefully assisting the design and installation of a family bathroom upgrade, installing hundreds of bathrooms to a tight brief in a luxury hotel or configuring 50 unique bathrooms for a notable property development; our aims and results are the same.

We have two fantastic announcements to make! 

1) See our BRAND NEW offering at our brand new website https://www.oceanspawellness.com/ 

2) To give you even more opportunities to receive cutting edge design support and guidance, we welcome a brand new designer to the Ocean fold.

Sarah Miller brings knowledge and a style that is deeply rooted to a connection to nature. Sarah is an advocate of biophilic design and a Feng Shui aficionado; Sarah breathes life into spa & wellbeing spaces by considering the impact of her design and the nuances within it on all of the senses.

How can a space replenish, nourish and revive whilst achieving your vision for a room?


“Positive luxury is a value that I embrace throughout all of my design work. It is highly underrated how much a beautifully curated space can lift our spirits and the positive effect that this can have in our day-to-day-lives. 

The idea that investing in the infrastructure of a space by utilising conscious materials balanced with high end fixtures and bespoke finishes and the healing, nourishing and calming attributes it can create is out of this world and this is something that we offer our clients as part of our design service.”

Sarah Miller
Spa Designer & Wellness Consultant

Why not speak to Sarah about your latest project?

All of our Ocean Bathrooms Showrooms are open by appointment only.

Book your private appointment here at a showroom near you:


Enjoy planning your dream spaces.
With very best wishes,
The Ocean Bathrooms Team.

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