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Restore Your Balance with Dornbracht’s Lissé

With the demand for grounding and harmonising dark finishes increasing in the home, Dornbracht has announced an iconic matt black finish in the Lissé series.
Thrust back full-speed into the carnival of culture and commerce, people are striving to create spaces of calm in the home. And is it any surprise? 
Famous worldwide for its design and architectural expertise and quality of manufacture at the highest level, Dornbracht; one of the most esteemed names within luxury bathroom and kitchen sectors, has released a new matt black addition to the elegant Lissé series.

Home has been our entire world for a very long time. And as the backdrop for every conference call, date night and zoom-based birthday party it’s had to work exceptionally hard. But as our worlds start to expand again, what we need from our interior spaces is evolving, too.

With bustle and buzz returning all around us, our homes can once again reclaim their place as the antidote to hectic society, rather than a simulation of it. 

And where more so do we seek solace than in the enveloping calm of the bathroom?

As proposed in our “Top 7 Trends for 2022 email and blog earlier this year, interiors trends are moving toward grounding, nature inspired palettes: think earthy browns, calming greens, and warm, soul-restoring terracottas. 

With colours from this soothing spectrum adorning your walls, when it comes to faucet finishes, matt black strikes the perfect balance. Stylish without being showy, matt black elevates your space, complimenting it without competing for attention. It exudes modern elegance, and would be just as agreeable in a hotel as it would your en suite or kitchen.

Cue Dornbracht, who is one of the many leading specialist suppliers of superior designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spas and kitchens in the Ocean Bathroom brands family.

There has been a demand for grounding and harmonising dark finishes in the home, and the bathroom is no exception. Offering a visual upgrade and highlighting sculptural shapes, iconic matt black is currently the dominant colour in this space. Newly available in the most popular finish, Lissé, is a hybrid and timeless design that combines relaxed curves with straight lines and geometric shapes. Modestly perfecting quality, the generous surface space of the design meets narrow edges with ease and sophistication, also available in Chrome and Platinum matt.

The upward-tilting tapered lever contrasts playfully with the fitting’s cylindrical body and flat spout. A progressive design with a strong identity, Lissé is underlined by an ingenious operating mechanism that enables the lever to move easily and smoothly.  
The series includes numerous products for washstands, bidets, showers, and baths.
Read the full details and product specifications at: www.dornbracht.com/de/bad/luxus-badarmaturen/lisse.

Founded in 1950, Dornbracht shares our brand roster with other leading specialist suppliers of superior designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms and spas. 

With exquisite German engineering represented by a portfolio of products worldwide with clearly-defined design principles for lasting product design – there is a consistent focus on user needs. Dornbracht has transformed the bathroom into a key living space.

With a look to balancing the newly fast-paced outside world, Dornbracht’s Lissé series is skilfully designed, yet modest, offering a progressive kind of design that exudes sophistication, while maintaining a playful edge and keeping up with the usage demands of family life, hospitality or your daily beauty regime. 

And it’s not just their colour and finish that will seduce you. Until you’ve experienced a Lissé fitting it’s hard to comprehend how much joy can be sparked from the simple action of running a tap. That’s thanks to their exquisitely smooth operating mechanism, which with even the lightest touch will open with a flowing motion. 

With its just-right curving contours juxtaposing oh-so refined geometrics, everything about Lissé’s styling puts you at ease. The aesthetics, ergonomics and engineering play together beautifully in the symphony of Dornbracht’s expertly envisioned proportions and shapes.

After an arduous day, it’s a Lissé lever you’ll want to lift. 

So before drawing your next bath, let us draw up ideas for your next bathroom. 

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