Bathroom complete installation service

At Ocean Bathrooms we have installers we have worked with for many years and the finish product has to be of the highest standard. The installer will visit you with or after the designer has visited and before your quote is finalised to check your existing electrics, plumbing and drainage. As soon as the design is confirmed, you will have a dedicated designer, installer & customer services representative to keep you personally updated on all aspects of your bathroom fitting. When the project starts you will then meet your installer again and any additional trade’s people who will be working with him (e.g. electrician) who will manage your project on a day to day basis and keep you regularly posted on progress. The installer will co-ordinate all the trades carpentry, plumbers, tilers, electricians, glass fitters (If they are not doing all these themselves) and all other trades so you don’t have to. On completion of works our fitter will check, snag and sign off the project with you.


Plumbing & Boiler Installation

At Ocean Bathrooms we have plumbers who can do all your plumbing needs from first to second fix and new boiler installations. if you think your existing system is in need of upgrading, we can send our plumber out to carry out a health check of the existing system.



At Ocean Bathrooms we have carpenters who can do all the works required from building stud walls to bespoke furniture.



At Ocean Bathrooms we have Tilers who can tile all styles and ranges of tiles from mosaics, standard tiles, natural stone/marble tiles to the ultra large slim porcelain Coverlam tiles that are 3x1 metres in size. They have all the equipment to mitre tiles together and have expertise installing all types of tiles.


Bespoke marble template & Fits

At Ocean Bathrooms we can offer bespoke marble you can do book matched around the rooms, bespoke desks and anything that we can design and fit from marble.



At Ocean Bathrooms we have electricians that are able to install first and second fix as well as bespoke lighting and electrical fitting. if you are interested in bespoke lighting design advice please let us know.


Bespoke Shower Enclosure

At Ocean Bathrooms we have a bespoke shower enclosure service where we can measure and install shower enclosures to any size of height and width, coloured glass, metal finishes. Using Majestic glass your designs are limitless.


Steam Rooms

At Ocean Bathrooms we can create steam rooms using bespoke frameless glass enclosures, tiles and can add in lighting and bespoke tiles.



At Ocean Bathrooms we have an in-house RIBA Architect and also access to several other Architects with different design looks and style if you would like to do a complete package and follow the design throughout.

To book an appointment at our showroom, call 01308 800 511