Specialist Finishing

Welcome to customised finishes exclusively at Ocean Bathrooms

Our solution to all your plating problems.

If you are searching for special finishes, hardware finishes, finishes for faucets including all colour options, be spoke high end finishes, customised finishes, we have the solution.

Using a brand new finishing technique process called “dye infusion” we are able to offer an incredible range of colour infused finishes, including R.A.L colours onto any material including  metals, plastics, wood and ceramics .

This is modern plating technology at its very best.

All colours are colour matched including all polished, brushed and matt colours and all plastic and ceramics are finished to look exactly like a metal product.

All finishes are extremely hard wearing and durable and need only to be cleaned with warm soapy water.

We experienced difficulty in colour matching certain products in the bathroom and after searching the market place realised generally there is a lack of colour matching in the bathroom industry. Now we are closely working with a specialist finish company who are able to offer a solution to all our requirements.

Here is a summary of product we have had colour matched so far and are extremely satisfied with the resulting customised finish:

Wet room drains, shower wastes, shower heads, door handles, hinges, channels and frames, flush plate, handles, buttons, basins, baths, taps and wall outlets.

All these items can be matched to any finish of brassware, matt or polished including gold, nickel and brass variations and in fact any colour any one could want.

Bathroom designers are now able to incorporate these special finishes into all aspects of the room, accessing any colour combination in a way that has not been possible before.

Actually we don’t just stop at bathrooms;

We want to encourage all architects and designers to incorporate be-spoke high end finishes into any room, inside the house, outside and beyond. We can create be-spoke and individual colour match finishes for almost any product!

We have been asked to colour match radiator valves, spot lights and light fittings, sockets and plug fittings in other rooms in the home. Its only limited to your imagination, just ask and we can see if it can be colour customised.

So as you can see,

We can make anything look like metal, any plastic look like gold.

You create and we finish


Further information

We are able to supply most bathroom products and have them colour matched at source


Below is a list of products we are currently colour matching, available in our catalogue

  • Geberit Flush Plates (Plastic & Metal)
  • (As mentioned we can supply the flush plate finished/ or you send us the plate to be finished,  timescales are faster if Finish X supplies)
  • Geberit Flush Buttons (Plastic & Metal)
  • (we can supply the buttons finished or you send us yours – timescales are faster if Finish X supplies)
  • Grab Bars
  • (we stock 380,480, 580 & 680mm grab bars)  but we can also finish others
  • Shower Hinges
  • (Please check beforehand with the brand. All hinges must be disassembled and sent to us. A surcharge will be applied if this is not adhered too
  • Radiator Valves
  • Radiators
  • Basins (ceramic & solid surface)
  • Taps/showers/ shower heads/shower rails
  • WC Seats (POA)
  • Shower Enclosure Profiles/Under frame/Channels
  • Shower Trays
  • Shower/wet room drains
  • Baths
  • Sockets/Switches
  • Shelves (Wood/plastic/metal)
  • Kitchen Doors (Wood/plastic/metal)
  • Horse Shoes
  • Golf clubs

If the product you seek is not on the list, it doesn’t mean it’s not available to be colour matched

Send us an image with the dimensions and the colour match finish you require and we will send you a quotation

We are able to colour match the following

  • Axor (Hansgrohe) 15 Special finishes in polished and brushed
  • Dornbracht
  • Vola
  • Farrow & Ball
  • RAL
  • Matt Black
      Nickel (Polished & Brushed)
    1. Gold (polished & brushed)
    1. Copper (polished, brushed & antique)
    1. Rose gold (polished & brushed),
    1. Dark rose gold (polished & brushed)

Any other colour you can think of

If you have a particular bathroom product that needs finishing we are able to supply the product plus the means to colour match.

To book an appointment at our showroom, call 01308 800 511